Preparations to go hunting: What do I need?

In general, hunting activity is usually demanding, especially if we want to enjoy a hunting day in the high mountains . From equipment to clothing, through security measures and physical conditions, we must take into account many factors to avoid unnecessary scares and risky situations.

Many times the terrain can be treacherous, especially in winter. And not only because of the low temperatures, but also because we can suffer a bad step or a slip that causes an unpleasant accident that ends up ruining our hunting day. Therefore, it is very important to have the necessary help and to be well prepared to prevent this from happening.


The rifle or shotgun that we will carry will depend on what we want to hunt. If you have multiple weapons, you will know perfectly what capabilities each one has. As for ammunition, it is important to always carry by hand in your backpack and vest.

Food and water

Water is very important and should never be lacking. You should carry at least two liters of water, although it will depend on the availability of water that is in the place, the temperature and the days that you will be away. As for the food, if you are going to make a short trip, you can bring breads and cookies. But if you are going to be away for several days, it is important to bring canned food, military rations and fruit.


It is always recommended to be accompanied at all times, especially if we do not know the area well. Going into the forest alone is reckless even when the terrain is known, since there are accidents that we can suffer and that we can hardly solve if we are alone. Therefore, it is very important that you are always accompanied by someone who has a good command of the terrain and who serves as a guide to know where to go to avoid accidents.

Basic safety rules

The fact of being accompanied does not mean that we should leave our safety only in the hands of another person. Obviously, it is the hunter’s responsibility to stay safe at all times and that starts with the team that is carried up the mountain.

The forest rangers ask to respect the basic rules of handling and transport of arms and ammunition, and these must be holstered at all times during the hunting day. It is prohibited to circulate with the vehicle with the weapons drawn and the safety distances must be respected in front of people and goods and the weapons must be unloaded in the presence of the Agents of the Authority.

The safety distances are 3 meters on roads, 8 meters on highways, 25 on highways and railways 25 meters and 5 meters in rivers and channels, in urban and rural centers 200 meters.

In addition, other users of the natural environment, such as cyclists, hikers or seteros, must be respected. And when in doubt, do not shoot an animal that we do not identify correctly instead of killing them and making a mistake in the identification. And it is that said action supposes an infraction of the norm and an aggression to the environment.

Locker room

It is advisable to wear thermal clothing that we can easily transport and that is breathable to cope with temperature changes, especially if it is a day of hunting in the high mountains, where we can find sudden changes in temperature. You must bear in mind that the cold can arrive without warning and leave you out of the game if you don’t have anything to fight the cold.

And the same happens with humidity, which must be avoided at all times, especially if there is a forecast of rain in the area. In this case, synthetic garments are recommended to wear over normal clothing. These types of fabrics are cheaper, they are light, they occupy fewer spaces and they are more effective in protecting us from adverse weather conditions.

In addition to thermal clothing, a balaclava and gloves are always helpful. Even carrying a simple lighter can make a difference if low temperatures force us to light a fire.


It never hurts to carry a support element to help us save the most difficult areas, such as a Swiss Army knife, a knife, string, matches, a special blanket, a waterproof poncho, a signal mirror, a compass, a hat , a lamp, a mosquito net, a backpack, a map, binoculars and a first aid kit.

Quality footwear

It goes without saying that the use of quality footwear is vitally important. It is advisable to wear boots that adhere well to the ground, that provide us with a good support without choking the ankles to avoid dislocations and that keep our feet away from the cold and moisture. Keep in mind that, although a sprained ankle in the middle of the mountain is not a fatal accident, it can lead to prolonged discomfort since it is usually not possible to attend to the problem immediately. With the setback that we will have to abandon the hunting day earlier than desired.

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